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The portfolio balance on Coinpanda does not match what I have
The portfolio balance on Coinpanda does not match what I have
Written by Eivind Semb
Updated over a week ago

If all transactions have been imported correctly to Coinpanda, the calculated portfolio balance on the Dashboard page should match what you have in your wallets and on exchanges. If these balances don't match, it is likely that one or more transactions have not been imported or that the imported data is wrong.

It's important to understand that the calculated total balance will almost never match your actual balance 100% without doing small manual adjustments. There can be several reasons for this:

  1. Not all wallets and exchange accounts have been connected

  2. Not all transactions are imported

  3. One or more transactions are imported incorrectly

  4. Rounding errors in the data provided by exchanges or other APIs

  5. Fees not accounted for correctly

  6. Internal transfers not accounted for correctly

From our experience, the most likely reason is that not all transactions are imported. Many APIs do not provide all historical data, making it impossible for Coinpanda to calculate your balance 100% accurately. This can also happen with exported CSV files from exchanges.

In the article How to ensure accuracy of tax calculations, we go into more detail about what you should do in case your balances do not match. See also the article Exchange API limitations for information about known API limitations we are aware of today.

Can I ignore small differences?

In most cases, yes. For example, if your total BTC holdings are 0.15 BTC, but the balance on Coinpanda shows 0.148 BTC, it is most likely due to a rounding error or a similar reason. This will not have a major impact on any resulting calculations.

How can I adjust the balance to match what I actually own?

The simplest way to do this is by adding Send/Receive transactions for the tokens or coins if you want to adjust the balance. For example, if your calculated balance shows that you own 0.148 BTC but your total holdings are 0.15 BTC, you can add a single 0.002 BTC Receive transaction. We have explained our recommended method in the article below:

However, keep in mind that this will most likely change your cost basis and capital gains calculations, so you should understand the tax implications before doing so.

Can you fix the wrong balance for me?

As already explained, the total balance on the Dashboard page and in the PDF report is calculated based on the imported data. The only way to get the balance to match your actual holdings is:

  1. Verify that all transactions are imported correctly

  2. Make any manual adjustments if necessary

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