We stand by Coinpanda's product, and your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

To make sure that our users have the best experience possible, we have a 100% free plan which allows you to import all your transaction data and preview your capital gains prior to making a purchase. You can also verify that all data is imported correctly and that the calculations are accurate on the free plan.

If you have upgraded your account to a paid tax plan, you are eligible for a full refund if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The refund request must be sent within 7 days of purchase

  • The reason for the refund must be related to a bug or issue that we were not able to solve

  • You have not downloaded any tax reports or tax forms

To request a refund, please email your purchase receipt or invoice to [email protected] and include the following details:

  • Explain the issue/bug in detail so that we can troubleshoot and understand what the issue is. Including screenshots in the email is very helpful.

  • Confirm if you have downloaded any tax reports or not

We do not provide refunds for any of these reasons:

Transactions not imported correctly from API

We are continuously adding new and improving/updating existing API integrations for exchanges and blockchains. However, some exchanges make it very difficult to sync all data for all users without encountering some kind of issue. Because we offer a 100% free plan, you can try out all the API integrations to see if it works for you before you decide to upgrade. If API does not work, you can try importing a CSV file instead.

Coinpanda can only sync data that is made available by the exchange, and we have no control over the accuracy or completeness of this data. There are also several limitations with some of the most popular crypto exchanges.

Import of CSV/XSLX files failing

If your exchange does not allow you to download a transaction history then you can copy/paste the data from their website into Coinpanda's generic Excel file. This may be time-consuming and annoying, but we have no control over such situations and we can only recommend that you trade on exchanges that are tax-friendly.

If your exchange allows you to download your transaction history, but it is not being imported to Coinpanda, then you can request a feature in our community forum and we will add support for it. This can take time depending on how many other tickets we have active.

Missing transaction history / Missing cost basis errors

These issues can show up if you have not been able to import your complete transaction history from an exchange, and can happen for various reasons. For example, the exchange does not provide all data or there is a data loss between certain dates, etc. You will need to contact your exchange to gather a complete history of your transactions to solve this.

If you see these errors even after importing a full history, then it means transactions are still missing and/or imported incorrectly. It is important to understand that Coinpanda works like a spreadsheet and can only calculate your gain/loss based on the data you import to the software. Also, keep in mind that you can still generate an accurate report even with these errors - but it may result in some additional taxes.

Other reasons

Coinpanda is a cryptocurrency tax calculation service and NOT a substitute for an accountant. While we aim to make the user interface as simple as possible, you still have to understand how crypto taxes work and troubleshoot errors/issues on your own. We do not offer refunds if you change your mind, if you think it is too complicated to use, or if it did not work as expected. However, we do offer quality support to help you as much as possible if you encounter an issue.

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