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Importing transactions
How to import transactions using API keys
How to import transactions using API keys
Written by Eivind Semb
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Coinpanda has support for auto-sync using API keys for almost all exchanges and blockchains that support this. Adding API keys is almost identical for all exchanges, so in this article, we will show this process step-by-step for Binance.

Step 1 - Add Wallet

Go to the Wallets page, click Add Wallet, and search for Binance. Click on the Binance icon which opens the modal window shown below. Give your wallet a new name or leave it as default. Next, click the Auto-Sync window.


Step 2 - Configure API

Now you will need to add your API keys. If you are unsure how to create API keys for an exchange, click the link in the window, which will take you to a detailed help article. When you have created your API keys on Binance, simply enter them into the API Key and API Secret field, and click Add API Connection.

You can also click Advanced Settings to change the start date that transactions should be imported from, or if you prefer to ignore the balance reported by API and instead view the balance calculated from imported transactions.

Step 3 - Sync your transactions

After adding the API keys, you only have to click the blue Sync Wallet button to start the import process. Depending on the exchange and the number of transactions, this might take a few seconds to 15-20 minutes. When syncing has been completed, you will see a history of your wallet activity, including the date and number of transactions imported.


Fixing sync errors

Sometimes, the sync process will finish without importing transactions, or you see an error message when clicking the Sync Wallet button. The most common reasons for this happening can be one of the following:

  • You forgot to activate or confirm the API keys. Make sure to follow the instructions for creating the API keys carefully.

  • Your API keys have been deleted. You can log into your exchange account to verify whether your API keys are still active.

  • Your API keys have IP restrictions. You will need to deactivate IP restrictions for Coinpanda to sync your accounts.

  • The exchange has changed its API, which means we need to update this on our side.

If you cannot successfully sync your accounts after investigating the possible reasons above, please get in touch with us in the Live Chat.

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