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Blockchain API limitations
Blockchain API limitations
Written by Eivind Semb
Updated over a week ago

Some blockchain APIs do not give Coinpanda access to the entire transaction history. Here is a list of known blockchain and wallet API limitations today:

Theta Network

The Theta Network API does not provide data for Deposit stake transactions. If you have deposited THETA for staking, you must add this manually.


Only XTZ transactions can be imported now because the API does not provide data for token transfers. We will add support for tokens if this data becomes available in the future.


Only TrustSet and Payment transactions can be imported now. This also includes token transfers. We will add support for other transaction types in the future if possible.


Only VET transactions can be imported at this time. Any VTHO transactions must be added manually for now.

BNB Beacon Chain

Coinpanda currently supports the following transaction types only:

  • Deposits and withdrawals

  • Trades

  • Cross transfers

  • Atomic swaps

If you have other transaction types than the ones listed above, please reach out to us in the live chat so we can look into adding support for this.


Not all RUNE transactions (incl. fees) can be imported from API. Please check and verify all transactions imported after the completed API sync. We will look into updating the integration in the future when possible.

The Thorchain API is unstable during some periods, and you might see an error. If this happens, please try to sync the wallet again a few hours later or the next day. Unfortunately, this is completely out of our control, but we hope that Thorchain devs will fix their API issues in the future.

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