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Which DEXes does Coinpanda support?
Which DEXes does Coinpanda support?
Written by Eivind Semb
Updated over a week ago

Coinpanda supports all AMM/DEX protocols that exist today across more than 60 EVM chains and all major L1s, such as Cardano, Solana, Algorand, and Osmosis.

All you need to do is add your public address to the wallet on Coinpanda, and all your transactions will be imported automatically. This also includes all token swaps on DEXes.

Supported protocols for liquidity

Coinpanda supports almost all protocols that exist today or in the past for providing liquidity, and we are continuously adding support for new protocols as well. Liquidity operations are supported by all EVM chains in addition to the following L1 blockchains:

  • Solana

  • Cardano

  • Harmony

  • Algorand

  • Osmosis

  • Terra and Terra Classic

  • TRON

  • Ronin

  • Meter

  • DeFi Kingdoms

If you have provided liquidity on a protocol currently not supported, you can post a feature request in our forum here.

More than 450 protocols are supported today.

The list below is not complete and shows only some of the protocols supported:

Uniswap v1

Uniswap v2

Uniswap v3

SushiSwap v1

SushiSwap v2

SushiSwap v3

Curve Finance

Balancer v1

Balancer v2

PancakeSwap v1

PancakeSwap v2

PancakeSwap v3

PancakeSwap StableSwap

Binance Liquid Swap

Velodrome v1

Velodrome v2

PulseX v1

PulseX v2

VVS Finance

Quickswap v1

Quickswap v2

Quickswap v3

BiSwap v1

BiSwap v2

BiSwap v3

Trader Joe v1

Trader Joe v2

Trader Joe v2.1

Bancor v1

Bancor v2

Bancor v2.1

Bancor v3

Camelot v1

Camelot v2

Camelot v3

Fraxswap v1

Fraxswap v2

KyberSwap Classic

KyberSwap Elastic



Pando Lake

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