If you import transactions by uploading CSV/XLSX files, you might experience some issues or unexpected transactions which we will cover here.

Wrong symbol

This is a common issue that happens because CSV files exported from different exchanges/apps might contain invalid symbols. A few examples are NEXONEXO, USDTERC20, USDT-TRX, etc. While we do our best to interpret and save all symbols as accurately as possible, this issue might still happen. The best way to get help with this is to create a post in our community forum so that we can update this on our end.

Transactions skipped/missing

Coinpanda can only import transactions and data that is recognized. Some files can contain data that we have never seen before, and these transactions will most likely be skipped/ignored for this reason. You can post about this in our community forum so that we can look into it.

Please note that Coinpanda will intentionally skip/ignore transactions that should not be imported. This includes internal transfers, transactions of zero amount, failed/canceled transactions, etc.

Few transactions imported compared to the total number of rows

Some exchanges do not provide data that can be imported directly. One example is eToro where Coinpanda will first analyze the entire XLSX file and then run complex calculations before the resulting transactions are imported to your wallet. This means that you will see a very different number of transactions imported compared to the number of rows in the file. You will also most likely not recognize any of the values!

In other cases, Coinpanda will save a single daily transaction instead of importing hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of transactions, typically for trading fees or funding payments. This applies to both Binance Futures and FTX for example.

More transactions imported compared to the total number of rows

For exchanges like Changelly, Easy Crypto, and Safello, you might see that the number of transactions imported is a lot higher than the total number of rows in the file. This happens because Coinpanda will automatically create a Receive + Trade + Send transaction for every row so that your internal transfers will be identified correctly. Let's say you traded 1 BTC for 10 ETH, this is how it will look like in Coinpanda:

  • 1 BTC Received

  • 1 BTC → 10 ETH

  • 10 ETH Sent

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