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How are trading fees accounted for?
How are trading fees accounted for?
Written by Eivind Semb
Updated over a week ago

Coinpanda will automatically include fees for all transactions imported from API or CSV upload if this data is available. Fees are supported for the following transaction types today:

  • Buy, Sell, Trade

  • Receive (no tag)

  • Send (no tag)

  • Internal transfers

Any fees associated with a Buy, Sell, Trade, or Receive (no tag) transaction will be added to the cost basis of the coin bought/acquired.

For Send (no tag) transactions, the fee will instead be subtracted from the proceeds such that the fee is fully deducted against your gains.

Coinpanda will also realize gains on the fees paid and include this automatically in your capital gains summary. By default, this will be done for internal transfer fees as well, but you have the option to turn this off on the Settings page.

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