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Which tax reports can I download?
Which tax reports can I download?
Written by Eivind Semb
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Coinpanda allows you to download different tax reports from the Tax Reports page. Which tax reports and forms you see depend on which country is selected on the Settings page.

All countries

  • Complete Tax Report - this report shows a full breakdown of all your capital gains transactions, gains from margin/futures trading, crypto income such as staking and mining, rewards and bonuses, and all your expenses.
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  • Transaction History CSV - a complete list of all your transactions imported to Coinpanda

  • Capital Gains CSV - a list of all your capital gains transactions included in your capital gains summary

Country-specific tax forms

You can also download ready-to-file tax forms for different countries. Here are a few of the tax forms we currently support:

Country specific tax reports

We also support the export of CSV files that can be used for TurboTax and TaxAct.

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