On the Transactions page, you will see a dropdown menu for Type. Coinpanda categorizes all transactions into 6 types.


If you have bought any cryptocurrency with fiat, Coinpanda will automatically classify this as a Buy transaction. This applies to all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies:

  • fiat → crypto (e.g. USD → BTC)


This is simply the opposite of a buy transaction: if you have sold any cryptocurrency and received fiat, it will be classified as a Sell transaction:

  • crypto → fiat (e.g. ETH → EUR)


Whenever you are exchanging any cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, Coinpanda will classify the transaction as a Trade:

  • crypto → crypto (e.g. LTC → XRP)

Coinpanda categorizes transactions in this way to make it simpler to filter transactions you are looking for. Want to see a list of all your transactions where you have converted fiat to crypto? Simply choose Bought from the Type dropdown!


A transfer transaction is a transfer of any cryptocurrency between your own accounts or wallets. For example, if you withdraw some bitcoin from an exchange, this will show up as a Withdrawal transaction classified as Transfer. Such transactions will not impact your tax calculations as they are simply an internal transfer of your own assets.


A Receive transaction is always an increase of your holdings. The following are examples of Receive transactions:

  • You received some coins from a friend as a gift

  • You received crypto from a hard fork (e.g. Bitcoin Cash)

  • Some tokens got airdropped to your wallet

  • Mining reward sent to your wallet

  • You have been staking and received payout

  • Profits from margin or futures trading

Coinpanda uses a labeling system to classify Received and Sent transactions correctly. Receive transactions can be labeled as the following:

Airdrop, Fork, Mining, Staking, Income, Gift, Realized P&L


A Send transaction is always a decrease of your holdings. The following are examples of Send transactions:

  • You paid for a product or service with crypto

  • Gifting crypto to a friend or family member

  • Donations to a charitable organization

  • You have lost access to a wallet

  • Tax-deductible costs (e.g. trading fees, funding payments)

Send transactions can be labeled as the following:

Lost, Donation, Cost, Gift, Realized P&L

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